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Sunset Watch & Jewelry Repair, Watch Repair, Los Angeles, CA

Repair FAQ

How much time does it take to complete a repair?
Once you decide that you want Sunset Watch, Clock, and Jewelry Repair to repair your watch or jewelry, the repair takes about 1 to 2 weeks. After reassembly, we then test the watch for a few days to make sure that your repair is 100% complete.

For how long do you provide a guarantee?
After you received your watch, "Sunset Watch, Clock, and Jewelry Repair" will provide a 1 year warranty on our repairs. In case of any issues you may send it back to us at no cost.

Where do I send my watch?
You can ship your watch to our facility at
1385 W Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90026

Do I need to pay for my repair in advance?
No, paying in advance is not necessary. Once the repair is done we will contact you for payment. Payment is available via PayPal, check, credit card, or by phone.

What Size Watch Band Do I Need?
To Determine the size of your watch band, measure the distance between the lugs (where the band connects to the watch face) in millimeters, and then determine the band's length. For a more detailed, click here to check out our step by step guide.

How Do I Install My Watch Band?

  • Locate the area where the strap connects to the watch face.
  • Using the forked side of your Spring Bar Tool, apply pressure to the end of the spring bar, and remove it from the hole.
  • Set old spring bar aside.
  • Carefully insert one side of the new spring bar into the retaining hole.
  • Apply pressure to the installed side, and you should be able to insert the opposite end easily. This process probably sounds familiar because it's nearly identical to the way you set up a roll of paper towels!

NOTE: These instructions are for the most common types of spring bars. Still, particular brands/models might have unique parts. If you encounter difficulties, please visit your nearest jeweler.

What's the difference between waterproof watch bands and water resistant watch bands?
A) Waterproof bands are completely sealed, so they can be totally submerged without incurring damages. If you plan on wearing your watch underwater, then you need to purchase a waterproof strap. Water resistant bracelets are capable of withstanding the elements i.e. rain or snow, but only up to a certain point. They cannot function after total submersion, so you shouldn't buy water resistant straps for scuba diving, swimming, surfing, or other water sports.

I want a refund. Will I still have to pay for shipping?
A) The answer depends on the situation. If we make some type of mistake with your order, then we will gladly reimburse you for any associated shipping costs. When refunds are the result of a customer error, we issue a partial payment and deduct the shipping costs